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ZUCE knows ECUs backwards

ZUCE Automotive Tuning Technology is an Australian company based in Brisbane that’s evolving a new standard of tuning performance excellence. We are the authorised distributor of Alientech for eastern Australia, and the only authorised Alientech trainers in the Southern Hemisphere.

How we evolve your performance

ZUCE gives you a complete tuning advantage by combining tools, training and on-going support through our TEKTools, TEKTraining and TEKTalk solutions. With ZUCE on your side, you’re empowered to become a Tuning God.

Enroll yourself in car performance tuning training and act like a pro. If you love being adventurous with your automobiles and tuning them to perfection, then our automotive performance tuning school is here to welcome you.

car performance tuning

Car Performance Tuning

We give you complete attention so that you transform into a professional in no time. Your knowledge of remapping, processing and other tuning processes can be enhanced. All your questions will be answered in this course; be it about repairs or about sensors, you will become thoroughly acquainted.

The course is very ideal and you shall be taught tuning as well as the remapping software. You can explore a range of possibilities through which modifications can be done safely and as per the parameters of ECU. Your high performance engine tuning skills can be developed as all the things would be explained to you in great detail. Basically, it’s for all those who want to understand tools in depth and write maps and files on their own.



ZUCE can give your business the edge with our complete range of innovative Alientech performance tuning tools. Valued the world over for their reliability and power, these premier tools combine next-generation technology with easy-to-use functionality.



Make sure you’re trained by the experts. ZUCE is the only authorised Alientech trainers in the Southern Hemisphere. From the need-to-know basics through to master-level and specialised courses, our training team will build your technical expertise like no other. ZUCE will keep your technicians at the forefront of automotive tuning.



When you’re a part of ZUCE, we’re always with you. We’re ready to provide you with ongoing support and intelligence, so you can expand your knowledge and get the most out of your tuning technology. Our comprehensive TEKTalk program of one-on-one support gives you flexibility, responsiveness and above all, certainty.


Training and R&D Facility

Our dedicated training and R&D facility is conveniently located in North Lakes, Brisbane, and is just walking distance to accommodation, shops, restaurants and other modern conveniences. This brand new space is equipped with a boutique workshop, state of the art training rooms, a display area and an in-house dynamometer machine. It’s here that we undertake our own research and development of tuning technology, in conjunction with Alientech in Italy.

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Training and RD Facility


ZUCE is the brainchild of Glen Hadden and Eric Ebert, two of the country’s most knowledgeable automotive performance specialists who have worked together for over 15 years.

Glen Hadden, founder of Roo Systems and LowRange, has more than 20 years’ experience in performance tuning. His reputation as a passionate educator in the automative industry is second-to-none. Glen’s mission for ZUCE is to equip businesses with the world’s best tools, training and support so they can produce optimal results for their clients.

A car lover from a very early age, Eric has amassed a vast level of mechanical knowledge and expertise that he’s passionate about sharing with ZUCE clients. Heading up our TEKTraining, Eric ensures our customers have access to the latest skills, technology and intelligence to deliver high quality and reliable outcomes. Read more.


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