ERIC EBERT Founder & General Manager

By the way, Eric’s real name isn’t Eric. It’s Glen. But having two Glen’s at the helm of ZUCE was just too confusing, so we nicknamed him after his doppelganger – Eric Bana.

– 15 years’ industry experience
– Qualified mechanic
– Business owner
– Qualified and authorised Alientech trainer

“With ZUCE, we’ve created a way for Australian auto businesses to access the world’s leading technology, training and support so they can grow and thrive.”

Eric Ebert’s knowledge about performance tuning is unrivalled. Highly regarded in Australia for his tuning mastery, Eric has been evolving the performance of vehicles for over 15 years. He was passionate about cars from a very early age, and had an innate curiosity to understand how they worked and how to make them go faster. He first qualified as a mechanic in 2006, and this was just the start of his journey to evolve the art and science of tuning.

Initially tuning petrol engines, Eric’s expertise grew to encompass all petrol and diesel vehicles, including trucks and other agricultural vehicles. He was soon known for his leading abilities with flash and chip tuning, performance upgrades and ECU mapping.

Eric has been an Alientech convert since 2010, and had amassed an exceptional level of expertise about this technology. He has worked professionally with ZUCE co-founder, Glen Hadden, since the beginning of his career. Together, Eric and Glen recognised that there was a real market need for making Alientech more accessible and relevant to Australian businesses and mechanics. They founded ZUCE to do just that.

Now, Eric oversees all aspects of ZUCE, and heads up ZUCE’s TEKTraining and TEKTalk. He applies his hands-on teaching approach to equip technicians with relevant skills that are applicable to their specific needs. Whether he’s training beginners or advanced tuners from high-performance auto businesses, Eric’s focus is always on helping them access, learn and apply the world’s best tuning technology.




Glen Hadden, founder of Roo Systems and LowRange, has more than 20 years’ experience in performance tuning. His reputation as a passionate educator in the automotive industry is second-to-none. Glen’s mission for ZUCE is to equip businesses with the world’s best tools, training and support so they can produce optimal results for their clients.

– 23 years industry experience
– Qualified mechanic
– Business owner
– LowRange DVD presenter and producer
– Speedway Racing champion
– Proud father of three up-and-coming racing enthusiasts

“I always choose and deliver the very best of the best. That’s why ZUCE brings Alientech technology, expertise and knowledge to Australia’s automotive industry.”

Glen Hadden’s vast industry experience spans more than two decades. He is arguably one of Australia’s most knowledgeable automotive performance specialists. He first fell in love with 4-wheel driving when he was just 10 years old, and became a Speedway Racing champion by the time he was 14. It was through competing that Glen first learned to tune vehicles for optimal handling and performance. He has lived and breathed anything to do with tuning vehicles ever since.

In 2008, Glen founded the 4-wheel drive workshop, Roo Systems, and established its Australia-wide dealer network. Just a year later, he started presenting and producing his own DVD series, “LowRange”. Now in season three, this popular and well-known 4-wheel drive adventure series is distributed by BCF and has been broadcast on Channel 7.

By this stage of his career, Glen was a successful businessman and industry identity, but he always had a bigger mission. He wanted to drive the industry forward by supporting and educating mechanics, tuners and auto business owners. His goal was to empower these professionals to build their tuning expertise by not only giving them access to leading tuning tools, but also training them to use them in their own businesses.

Glen’s global experience and knowledge of tuning technology had taught him that Alientech was the world’s most innovative and technically advanced on the market. With training in Alientech previously only accessible in Italy, he decided to make it available right here, in Australia. Together with automotive performance specialist, Eric Ebert, Glen founded ZUCE – the Australian experts in Alientech.



“There’s simply no other company in Australia that knows half of what ZUCE knows about Alientech. I’m putting what I’ve learned from ZUCE into practice every single day. My confidence with tuning all types of vehicles has sky-rocketed and I’m doing things right the first time. I’m 10 times faster than before and that translates into a huge financial improvement for my business.” DANIEL BUCHNER Head Technician – Simply Tuning


Zuce’s TekTraing optimises the performance of Brisbane Workshop

Simply Tuning, a dyno tuning specialist workshop in Brisbane’s north, tunes a wide range of vehicles, from common rail diesels to luxury high-end automobiles. Head Technician, Daniel Buchner, had previous experience of other tuning software, so when establishing Simply Tuning, he chose ZUCE to ensure he could offer his customers the very best tuning performance possible – Alientech. Knowing the reputation of both ZUCE and its founders, Glen Hadden and Eric Ebert, Daniel knew there was no one better to take his business to the next level.


Hands-on, expert training – right here in Australia

Daniel found ZUCE’s TEKTraining to be invaluable in building his tuning expertise. The easy-to-follow sessions embedded theoretical information with practical learning experiences and exercises to give him a thorough grounding in all aspects of the latest Alientech technology.

After the training, Daniel took advantage of ZUCE TEKTalk so he was completely supported in his workshop. He was able to access phone support directly with the trainer, who guided him through any issues or questions on the spot.


Evolved performance

ZUCE’s TEKTraining has had a substantial impact on Simply Tuning’s productivity and business performance. Daniel’s tuning mastery means he is faster, more accurate and more responsive to his customers’ specific needs. The workshop is now able to tune more vehicles each day, and servicing more customers than ever before.


To learn more about Zuce TekTraining, give us a call on 1300 088 726 or email



“Thanks to ZUCE, we now have a complete tuning solution that we can offer our customers. If i hadn’t completed these TEKtraining courses, our business wouldn’t have grown. There is simply no one else in Australia that matches ZUCE’s expertise, knowledge and hands-on training approach. And their post-training support through TEKtalk has been exellent. They are responsive and they understand exactly what we need.” TONY MARTIN Founder– Motivated Turo and Mechanical


TEKtraining evolves auto business to the next level

Motovated Turbo and Mechanical is situated in Toowoomba and specialises in diesel tuning, turbocharger repairs, rapid performance chips and performance upgrades. The business, founded and run by experienced technicians Tony Martin and John Di Mauro, was experiencing a trend away from chip sales to flash tuning. Realising they needed to build thier tuning expertise to take advantage of this trend, they turned to ZUCE for guidance.


A winning training approach .

At his previous workshop. Tony had undertaken tuning training course via Skype or online through a company based in Italy.  Not surprisingly, he found the differencet time zone, the language barrier and the detached, impersonal learning style very challenging.

At ZUCE, Tony was expertly trained with a mix of relevant, in-depth theory and hands on, practical exercises. He enjoyed direct access to the ZUCE qualified trainers and was able to apply his new knowledge back in his own workshop immediatly.


Evolved performance

With ZUCE’s TEKTraining, Tony and John ahve been empowered to enhance the performance of their business. Their new tuning expertise had inceased thier reputation and extended their customer base, enabling them to successfully adapt to changing customer needs.


To learn more about Zuce TekTraining, give us a call on 1300 088 726 or email

Performance Tuning Tools

We offer a wide range of Alientech products and training, to suit all levels of expertise and experience. Being the Australian home of Alientech, you can be sure that our expert knowledge of Alientech’s tools will allow you to master the best tuning technology that can take your business, mechanics, and customers to the next level.

Alientech began in Trino, Italy in 1991 and have now become industry leaders in auto-tuning technology. At Zuce, we offer 4 unique Alientech performance tools; KESSv2, K-TAG, Powergate3 and the ECM Titanium. Each product has their own unique advantages and benefits.

To help you better understand the benefits of Alientech technology, we have outlined below what each product does.


Alientech Products


Perfect for the professional that wants complete control during an ECU remap

Kess V2

The KESSv2 maximises the performance of the vehicles electronic control unit, whilst also providing solutions to problems unsupported by standard diagnostic tools. Through an OBD standard port, or dedicated connection, this performance tuning tool gives you the power to read and the write the ECUs of cars, motorbikes, trucks, tractors, and board. This product also enables you to read and write the parameters of the engine or transmission. Communicate directly to the ECU through the diagnostic using a simple cable.

How does it work?

– Read files inside the ECU using KESSv2
– Edit parameters using our software ECM Titanium according to the needs of your customers,
– Rewrite them back into the ECU

The technology used by the KESSv2 device is constantly evolving, enabling you to optimise the performance of even the most recent vehicle models, including new-generation hybrid engines, and vehicles with a protected ECU. Create tuning mastery in your workshop with the innovative and powerful KESSv2.


The K-TAG gives your mechanics an evolved level of tuning performance


A fully customisable solution to suit the specific needs of your business. The evolved design means you can connect to the ECU board without soldering. This technologically advanced tuning tool allows you to read and write the ECUs of cars, motorcycles, trucks, tractors, and boats. With the K-TAG, easily and directly access individual components of the ECU’s flash memory microprocessor.

The complete K-TAG kit includes hardware, ECU adaptor, the necessary cables, and automatic updates. The K-TAGs controlled surface allows for easy and reliable access in the workshop.

In addition to the K-TAG, the K-Suite tuning software allows you to select the vehicle or the ECU you want to tune, whilst providing you with access to up-to-date manuals for each protocol. Increase efficiency in your workshop by removing the need to double-check your ECU connection.



Alientech’s handheld Powergate3 makes reading and writing ECUs easier than ever before


Alientech’s Powergate3 is the only palm-sized programmer featuring a digital touch screen, that can be completely customised with your logo and branding. This unique, portable device provides your business with a private-label device that turns your mechanics into tuning masters. The HD colour touch screen provides effortless navigation combined with an intuitive and easy three-step process.

Reprogram the ECU’s of main transport vehicles, automobiles, motorcycles, agricultural vehicles, and more. Harness the power of this personal OBD programmer, that allows you to remotely tune your customer’s vehicle via emailing encrypted files. Extend your customer base beyond your local reach. The Powergate3 is a technologically innovative solution that will help you attract new customers, and extended the lifetime value of your current ones.


ECM Titanium

Equip your mechanics with the very best tuning innovation

ECM Titanium

Alientech’s ECM Titanium is at the forefront of software in the tuning world. Equip you mechanics with the very best in tuning innovation. Easily view and modify the maps of stock files found inside the ECU. The latest generation drivers display all available maps, so you can manage and optimise the parameters.

Interpret and modify control unit files easily and accurately with the ECM Titanium mapping software. Compatible with all original files of cars, motorbikes, trucks, tractors, and boats. All files are already included in the software, so no need to download or install additional files.

Each file corresponds with a driver supplied by Alientech, that decodes and shows the parameters of the engine’s performance. This allows you to edit any and all related parameters – thus modifying the performance of the engine.

The Alientech ECM Titanium is one of the most advanced tuning solutions which is continually evolving and updating. This means that every time you plug the USB into your PC, you know you’re getting the most recent list of drivers, and latest software upgrades.

The Titanium USB can be plugged into any PC without needing to download software, whilst also enabling you to save both original and modified files. Quickly download drivers from the Alientech database using an easy to find location. File modification is efficient, intuitive and user-friendly, making it suitable for both beginner and advanced tuners.

If you have any questions please contact us on 1300 088 726, email, or visit us at 75 Flinders Parade, North Lakes QLD 4509. Make sure you stay up to date with our social media on Facebook and Instagram.

Currently placed second in the Burson Auto Parts Rookie standings, Zayd Tones is eager to go one better and seek success in the next round at Phillip Island.

The opening round in Tasmania was a new experience for all competitors, but Phillip Island is familiar territory to even the championship’s rookies – with plenty of testing kilometres being logged.

“I loved my first experience of Formula 4 in Tasmania and can’t wait to race again,” Tones said.

“I was a little nervous but I was really happy with my results. I am really looking forward to being back in the car and racing.”

News - Zuce

With an eight week gap between Symmons Plains and Phillip Island, the Team BRM rookie has remained race ready with some competitive driving and even driver coaching.

“I’ve been keeping myself busy by going to the gym and working on my fitness,” Tones said.

“I have been driving my MX5 at some events, playing basketball and hanging out with friends.

“I have also been helping out my sponsors with driving tips and kart setup with their Lowrange Motorsports, Alientech and Simply Cool kart teams.”

News and events - Zuce

Although, there’s one corner at Phillip Island that Tones – like many of his colleagues – is looking forward to the most.

“Definitely turn one,” Tones said.

Round Two of the CAMS Australian Formula 4 Championship commences on Friday 1 June at Phillip Island, as part of the Shannons Nationals weekend.

Free online live streaming of Sunday’s (3 June) action will be available on

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Create tuning mastery in your workshop with the innovative and powerful KESSv2.

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K-TAG gives your mechanics an evolved level of tuning performance.

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Alientech’s hand-held Powergate3 makes reading and writing the ECUs easier than ever before.

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ECM Titanium

Alientech’s ECM Titanium is the software that will equip your mechanics with the very best tuning innovation.

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