Powergate3 – Superior Tuning Diagnostics and Control

Powergate3 is a tool used for ECU diagnostic software, ECU reprogramming, and ECU performance tuning. It allows users to access the data stored on an engine control unit (ECU), diagnose any problems, and make changes to the way the ECU controls the vehicle through ECU flash and ECU modification.

This is typically used by mechanics and other automotive professionals to troubleshoot and improve the performance of a vehicle through ECU performance tuning and ECU calibration. Powergate3 is a powerful ECU programming tool that can be used for ECU repair and ECU diagnostics.

Evolved performance right in your hands

Alientech’s hand-held Powergate3 makes reading and writing the ECUs of cars, bikes or tractors easier than ever before. The only palm-sized programmer with a touch screen, Powergate3 can be completely customised with your logo and images. This unique, portable device gives your business a private-label appearance, and turns your mechanics into tuning masters.

Harness the power of this Personal OBD Programmer

Powergate3 gives you the power to optimise the performance of your business. You can remotely tune your customer’s vehicles just by emailing encrypted files, so you can extend your customer base beyond your local reach.

Reprogram the ECUs of main transport vehicles:
  • Automobiles
  • Motorcycles
  • Agricultural vehicles
Intuitive and easy to use:
  • A simple, three-step process
  • HD colour touchscreen and effortless navigation
  • Increased memory can store original file and five modified files inside the tool

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