ECU’s are a complicated piece of kit. They control every aspect of your vehicle, from the rate the indicators flash to fuel flow, gear ratios, engine speed and variable valve timing. So, we probably shouldn’t start tinkering with the outcome of all those R&D dollars the manufactures have spent ‘perfecting’ the performance and fuel economy of your vehicle, right? Not exactly. The software within these engine control units have been programmed very conservatively, with generic settings to cater for the most common performance requirements, climatic conditions, fuel quality and emission standards. Many settings can be enhanced and improved so that your vehicle will perform optimally for the conditions in which you intend to use it. And that’s a good thing.
Don’t kid yourself that most car manufacturers exist to produce the highest quality engines they can. They exist to make a profit and will take a decent engine that can be produced en masse and then customise that engine to produce a desirable commodity to a specific market that will sell productively. They take into consideration the geographical location a new model is going to, the competition they’ll find within that market space and then adjust tuning specs accordingly to outperform competitors, meet stricter emission standards, and improve economy in countries where fuel quality is poor. In short, if manufacturer “A” releases a model that outperforms the current number 1 in it’s class, manufacturer “B” can
release a ‘new’ version days later that exceeds the newcomer’s specs. Has that manufacturer spent millions redesigning and remanufacturing their car’s powerplant? No… they’ve just tweaked the tune. Once a manufacturer has their engine design down pat, they simply adjust the tuning or mapping on the ECU from model to model, country to country, and year to year to easily release a ‘new and improved’ version that has better performance and a few extra features than the previous model. Sure, you might see a larger turbo here or an upgraded set of injectors there, but fundamentally the engine is the same. You can be sure however, that these improvements still reside within the engine’s parameters for safety and durability, which are fixed, in order to make them warrantable. Yet the reason why that same engine can be installed into 5 different models but produce a mixed bag of performance characteristics across a range, is all down to tuning.
In short, no. Under Australian Consumer Law, a dealership or manufacturer cannot simply ‘void’ your warranty. There are a lot of scare tactics out there which can lead to confusion among consumers, especially when dealers make broad statements about new car warranties and how anything from having an aftermarket tow hitch fitted or the vehicle serviced somewhere other than the dealership will void it. The Australia Automotive Aftermarket Association has the straight of it and states that “A vehicle fitted with a fit for purpose part will not void the warranty”. Manufacturers can REFUSE warranty “IF” they can provide evidence that the modification is the cause of the problem. Save for that, if you’ve had your car tuned and your sunroof stops working, you’re still covered. Sticking within the manufacturer’s guidelines for your vehicle, however, and making sure that tuning does not
exceed the parameters set for the engine will ensure you shouldn’t ever have to worry about having that argument anyway. Step outside the circle of trust though, and you’ll be on your own.
ECU remapping has been around for many years and is well tested across petrol and diesel engines. It is safe and effective when undertaken by reputable tuners and does no more damage to your engine than a software update to your mobile phone that gives you more features and increased usability. Remapping your ECU is like getting a jump on the market before that model with more power, more torque and better fuel economy is released; your car will already be there. Nevertheless, as with all software, any cowboy with a laptop and the right connections can lay their hands on some dodgy tech and turn up on your driveway promising big performance gains for next to no outlay. You have no way of
knowing whether that software is outdated, hacked or cloned. So, predictably, the advice is clear. Go with a reputable, well-established tuning company with a confirmed track record as an industry leader. A slightly higher initial investment could save you thousands in the
long run by avoiding the risk of dealing with cheaper, inexperienced competitors. Remember, the same tools that allow a skilled tuner to make an engine more efficient are the same tools that allow a poor tuner to make a catastrophic mess of it all.
Performance is not just about MORE horse power or MORE torque. It is about detailed refinement of all parameters to produce the best driving experience to suit your specific usage needs. With improved delivery of information to all systems within the vehicle, performance is assured and done in such a way as to retain or enhance drivability and in most cases increase fuel economy. Zuce Performance are at the top of the industry,
utilising market leading software, they can fine tune every aspect of your vehicle’s engine framework to provide a user specific result that stays within the manufacturers engineering specifications and is fully covered under your existing new car warranty. What else do youneed to look for in a tune?
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Frequently Asked Questions
Here Are A Few FAQs We Get A Lot
Are we using Chips?
In one word NO...  Remapping your ECU is like getting a jump on the market before that model with more power, more torque and better fuel economy is released... We only we the lastest in technology that works within Manufacture paramaraters.
Can we tune and remap Petrol cars?
At Zuce Preformance and Tuning, we engineer performacnce tunes that suit everything from Track Days through to Soccor Mum's and Communitor's.  Our database of vehicles is extensive, if it has an ECU, we should be able to tune it...
Do you tune BMW's?
Absoloutly! In fact they are one of our favorite cars to tune, other than diesels of course.
Im a Tradie and I drive a ute, can you give me more torque to tow my trailer?
If you drive a late model ute and it has an ECU, definatly. Give us a call and we can discuss your options.
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