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Toyota Diesel Specialised Course

Advanced Toyota Diesel Tuning Course with ECM Titanium Training

ZUCE is a Toyota diesel tuning specialist, offering an advanced Toyota diesel tuning course for individuals who have completed our advanced level training course and have a strong understanding of ECM Titanium software. This course will cover advanced topics, such as calculating maximum increments on stock Toyota engines, common faults and issues with Toyota vehicles, and the best tuning options for Toyota models.

This ZUCE course covers high-level training on how to apply Alientech software to Toyota models including Landcruiser, Hilux and Prado. With practical tuning exercises on all these models, you’ll become a Toyota Tuning God.

What the course covers:

✅ How to calculate the maximum increment possible on stock Toyota diesel engines

✅ ECM drivers and mapping

✅ The common faults and issues with Toyota vehicles

✅ The best options for Toyota vehicles

By the end of this course, participants will have gained mastery in Toyota Landcruiser tuning, Toyota Hilux performance optimisation, and Toyota Prado tuning. They will also have received Toyota diesel ECM Titanium training and have a thorough understanding of Toyota diesel engine management tuning. Participants will be qualified to offer professional Toyota vehicle performance upgrades and be Toyota diesel performance, optimisation specialists.

Get the most out of this course

All participants must complete the ZUCE advanced level training course first. We also recommend first completing the ZUCE Basic Level course to ensure you have all the foundational knowledge before taking your tuning expertise to the next level.

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