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16 / 10 / 2018

Meet the Team – GLEN HADDEN




Glen Hadden, founder of Roo Systems and LowRange, has more than 20 years’ experience in performance tuning. His reputation as a passionate educator in the automotive industry is second-to-none. Glen’s mission for ZUCE is to equip businesses with the world’s best tools, training and support so they can produce optimal results for their clients.

– 23 years industry experience
– Qualified mechanic
– Business owner
– LowRange DVD presenter and producer
– Speedway Racing champion
– Proud father of three up-and-coming racing enthusiasts

“I always choose and deliver the very best of the best. That’s why ZUCE brings Alientech technology, expertise and knowledge to Australia’s automotive industry.”

Glen Hadden’s vast industry experience spans more than two decades. He is arguably one of Australia’s most knowledgeable automotive performance specialists. He first fell in love with 4-wheel driving when he was just 10 years old and became a Speedway Racing champion by the time he was 14. It was through competing that Glen first learned to tune vehicles for optimal handling and performance. He has lived and breathed anything to do with tuning vehicles ever since.

In 2008, Glen founded the 4-wheel drive workshop, Roo Systems, and established its Australia-wide dealer network. Just a year later, he started presenting and producing his own DVD series, “LowRange”. Now in season three, this popular and well-known 4-wheel drive adventure series is distributed by BCF and has been broadcast on Channel 7.

At this stage of his career, Glen was a successful businessman and industry identity, but he always had a bigger mission. He wanted to drive the industry forward by supporting and educating mechanics, tuners and auto business owners. His goal was to empower these professionals to build their tuning expertise by not only giving them access to leading tuning tools, but also training them to use them in their own businesses.

Glen’s global experience and knowledge of tuning technology had taught him that Alientech was the world’s most innovative and technically advanced product on the market. With training in Alientech previously only accessible in Italy, he decided to make it available right here, in Australia. Together with automotive performance specialist, Eric Ebert, Glen founded ZUCE – the Australian experts in Alientech.