Zuce – Perfect Place for Car Tuning Courses in Brisbane Australia

Our passion for automotive performance knows no bounds. ZUCE has the power to optimize your vehicle’s, your technicians and your auto business. We’ve taken the art and science of tuning to a whole new level, giving you the tools, training, and support to turn you into a master. Let ZUCE evolve your tuning performance.

Zuce Academy offers quality car tuning courses in Brisbane. Our award-winning car tuning courses in Australia make you adept in automobile tuning. We teach you all steps thoroughly, including performance tuning, reducing Co2, saving fuel, and modifying vehicles.

You can choose the Brisbane car tuning course as per your convenience and you won’t regret for sure. In this course, all tuning methods are covered be it OBD tuning, chip tuning or other remapping.

We make you understand the entire process in simple terms. One becomes an expert in tuning processors as well. The course is fun and it covers a variety of things. You can get knowledge of everything live so that you don’t use wrong methods.

If a combination of practicals and classroom study is what you want, then it’s to enroll for our course. There are different packages, depending on students. So come and join us now.

The Australian home of Alientech and the best Brisbane Car Tuning Course

We only deal with the best. That’s why we’re the experts in Alientech, the world’s most advanced tools and technology for ECU mapping. As the authorized distributor for eastern Australia and the only authorized trainers in the Southern Hemisphere, ZUCE knows ECUs backward.

We are your TEK experts

It’s our unique combination of Technology, Expertise and Knowledge that will empower you to become a Tuning God.

Tek Tools

ZUCE can give your business the edge with our complete range of innovative Alientech performance tuning tools.

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TEK Training

Make sure you’re trained by the experts. ZUCE is the only authorised Alientech trainers in the Southern Hemisphere.

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TEK Talk

When you’re a part of ZUCE, we’re always with you. We’re ready to provide you with ongoing support and intelligence.

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Motovated Turbo & Mechanical

“I’ve seen a 60% increase in customers wanting a complete tuning solution. Thanks to ZUCE TEKTraining, I now have the expertise, knowledge and skills to capitalise on this growing market. There’s simply no one better than ZUCE.”

Tony Martin – Owner