Performance tuning tools

Alientech leads the world for high-performance tuning technology. This Italian company has been developing and refining their tools and software since 1991 and they’re known for innovating the very best in auto-tuning technology.

ZUCE is the Australian home of Alientech. We’re proud to be the authorised distributor for eastern Australia and the only authorised trainers in the Southern Hemisphere.

No one knows tuning technology better than Alientech. No one knows Alientech better than ZUCE.

Our expert knowledge of Alientech tools means we can help you master the very best tuning tools to suit your business, your mechanics and your customers. We can turn you into a Tuning God.

Battery Stabliser

Maintains a stable voltage under varying loads, with heavy duty replaceable clamps.

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Create tuning mastery in your workshop with the innovative and powerful KESSv2.

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K-TAG gives your mechanics an evolved level of tuning performance.

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Alientech’s hand-held Powergate3 makes reading and writing the ECUs easier than ever before.

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