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21 / 06 / 2019

What a remapped ECU does for you

In all recent vehicles, just about everything is controlled by microprocessors found in the ECU (Engine Control Unit).

Know About Microprocessor and Ecu Remapping Program


What is a Microprocessor

An integrated circuit that contains all the functions of a central processing unit of a computer.

Sounds pretty straight forward, eh? Basically, this tiny little chip is a very intelligent brain that does a lot of thinking for the rest of the EMS (Engine Management System). For example, as you press the accelerator pedal further to the floor, a list of sensors (o2 sensor, throttle position sensor to name a few) tells the ECU, the ECU collates all this data, completes a series of equations then communicates to the injectors to add X amount of fuel. As you are going faster and there is more fuel, the ignition timing needs to change, so the ECU takes data received from the crank position & camshaft sensor and tells the igniter coils when to do their job and so forth.

How does a remapped ECU help you?

Your ECU can be modified for more than just performance. You can modify your ECU for fuel efficiency if you’re looking to save a dollar at the service station, but you probably wouldn’t be reading this if that’s your goal.

ECU tuning is a process to change the restrictions put in place by the manufacturer, most commonly the goal in mind here is increased horsepower. Although simply buying a performance chip and installing it will not get you your desired outcome no matter what this is. You need to arrange for your vehicle to be tuned by a tuning professional or alternatively, if you’re interested in doing it yourself, consider taking a ECU course with Zuce.

Incorrect ECU tuning could end up damaging your engine and costing you more money than a tuning course would so please consider the risk involved when remapping your ECU without prior training.

Do I have to buy a new chip or can I modify the chip in my engine?

Depending on the make and model of the car, some older ECU’s contain chips that can’t be re-written, so in this case, you would have to buy a new chip or an ECU that could be rewritten. Most newer vehicles can have their ECU remapped for more horsepower and higher performance.

There is also an option to “piggyback” an ECU. This allows input/output signals. An advantage here is there is no physical or electronic modification required to the ECU. The disadvantage is the levels of adjustability are not as great as those which do not require to be piggybacked.

Before you start tuning

Whichever your option or whichever you choose suits your budget and is right for you, always do your research and due diligence prior to tuning your ECU and consider consulting a tuning specialist before you make any adjustments to your vehicle. Zuce Automotive Tuning Technology is the only authorised Alientech trainers in the Southern Hemisphere and can provide you with the knowledge you need to meet your performance goals.