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Professional ECU Remapping and Engine Performance Tuning Courses

Looking for an ECU remap course in Brisbane? Well, enrol in our engine ECU tuning school in Australia and make a marked difference to your automotive business. You will receive personalised attention and be taught every aspect of Car ECU remapping program Australia.

Zuce is a leading provider of professional vehicle tuning services, offering advanced car tuning techniques and custom car modification solutions. Our team of vehicle performance enhancement specialists is dedicated to helping you optimise the performance of your vehicle. Our advanced car tuning courses in Brisbane, Australia are designed for individuals who want to improve their skills in engine ECU tuning and programming. Our courses cover a range of topics, including how to locate and identify ECUs, how to open and connect to ECUs, and how to use ECU Titanium engine management tuning software.

We offer courses at three levels: basic, advanced, and master, with the advanced and master level courses also covering diesel engine management tuning. Our hands-on training allows participants to immediately apply their new skills in their own workshops. In addition to our training courses, we also offer professional car tuning support and innovative car tuning methods to help you get the most out of your vehicle.

With Zuce, a comprehensive and detailed learning experience is guaranteed as our skilful trainers have all the expertise needed to teach each crucial element of targeted high performance engine tuning tuning. Our engine management tuning courses cover everything you need to know, and your new skills can be applied immediately back at the workshop. Technical know-how, world-class knowledge and access to the very latest in car tuning technology from Alientech sets Zuce apart from rest.

We deliver the best because we wouldn’t accept anything less for our mechanics and vehicles, and neither should you. Join us today and experience the difference.

Basic Level

Build your tuning know-how in the best possible way

Over four days learn all the need-to-know fundamentals of engine ECU tuning and programming tools, including design, practical use, the different strategies they run, and diagnostic tools. After completing the ECU remapping program, you’ll have the practical knowledge to be able to start remapping ECUs back in your own workshop straight away.

What the course covers:
  • How to locate and identify ECUs
  • How to open and connect to ECUs safely and easily
  • Car ECU upgrade theory and communication modes
  • ECU Titanium Engine management tuning software
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Advanced Level

It’s time to advance your tuning skills even further

The advanced level course covers both petrol and diesel engine management tuning Brisbane. You’ll gain in-depth knowledge of master tools so you can write your own tuning files using ECM Titanium. This four-day course balances theory with practical, hands-on learning of the software and how it’s applied to engine files.

What the course covers:
  • Tuning strategies and map names
  • How to write your own tuning files using ECM Titanium
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Master Level

Become a master tuner

This four-day course gives you highly advanced training on ECM Titanium and ECM Driver Maker processors. The theory content is embedded with relevant and practical exercises. At this level, you’ll be equipped with expert knowledge that will empower you to unleash your inner Tuning God.

What the course covers:
  • How to analyse the construction of engine control maps
  • How to use Driver Maker
  • Driver development processes
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